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Automotive Services


Lockout Services

We know how your car locks work and don’t have to guess how to open. We have all seen good Samaritans who have a “slim jim” or coat hanger and are doing their best to get the car open but all they really are doing is damaging the car. Today’s cars are so well protected that in most cases a amateur will have a difficult time gaining entry into a locked car. Our technicians are trained on the latest opening methods and have the best opening tools and open so many cars that after we have the car opened most people can’t believe how fast it was! Let us help you get Right In!

Key Cutting and Programming

We can meet you wherever you are and in most cases create or program your Key on the spot. Our Technicians are thoroughly trained to perform programming of transponder, Smart keys and Remotes for any make or model vehicle, and we guarantee our work to be of the highest level.



Lock or Ignition Repair

If your lock or ignition is damaged or worn we can repair or replace it and you can still use your old key. In order to repair most car door locks it requires removal of the door panels. Our technicians are trained to remove the door panels and ignitions throughly and safely to avoid damage to you car.